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About us

Long time before we decided to become breeder, we were much interested in
Deutsche Doggen. Than, once day, we find a house near Munic with two big gardens. In 2007 we bought our first two dogs: Estefania and David from Valvasorland.

As a native Egyptian and of course of the old tradition of the Deutsche Doggen it was finally clear: The name of our dog-arena has to be called: “from Pharaonenland”. Already in my youth in Kairo I was owner of a prowdly Blue-Dogge. At any time I dreamed from this kind of dogs. Today I learned al lot about Deutsche Doggen and I have the knowledge do lead a dog-arena. Also I had the luck to find the family, which share my passion –.

Also my wife and the two daughters.

As breeder we surely look at first to the quality of the dogs. They don’t must become champions, but character and genealogical tree must be absolutely correct. So there is no question, that we drive a lot of miles to find the dog, which is the right one for our arena.

For our future we look forward to build up a big Doggen-arena in Egypt. So we are able to connect the german knowledge with egyptian tradition.