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You are interested in a Deutsche Dogge?

So you have decided for a very important kind of dog. Though their respectable high from minimum 80 cm by males and 72 cm by females you will find in this kind of dog a very lovely family-dog. The Deutsche Dogge loves the humans it lives with and this dog would do everything to save their lifes.

Once time – in the 16. and 17. century – a quickly wild-hunter in german 
princely-farms, the Deutsche Dogge developed to a culture- and family-dog. 

The first Doggen-exhibition was in 1878 in Berlin. “Typical for a Deutsche 
Dogge”, so the race-standard of the FCI “ is the very special cocktail of power,  prowdness and elegance in it’s charakter”.


The German Dogge - a friend for wohl family

Estefania and our first litter

Hussein with David and Estefania